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Thread: Old Forum Crashed

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    Old Forum Crashed

    Hi Everyone

    Unfortunately the old forum/website crashed beyond repair the site had been continously upgraded from around 2007

    1. Post counts are saved so relax
    2. all old posts and topics are saved and will be re-posted as i get time to do so
    3. all the old features have gone i will look into what ones are to return
    4. the tipping comps are all saved so there wont be any problems here as well
    5. avatars/emoticons will get updated as i get time as well
    6. you should not have any problem logging in as the passwords are saved and have been reapplied to your user accounts - if you feel the need change password can be accessed via you userCP
    7. The Old Forum was going to fail sooner or later things do get passed there use by dates unfortunately
    8. If there are people that i have not reactivated send me a email via contact us



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    Can you change my status so I can edit all post,
    (Super-Mod status Tart)

    Then I can start to moderate forums.


    P.S. please make Maroon colour the default.

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