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Thread: No Tipping in 2015

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    No Tipping in 2015

    Due to my illness I will not be able to run any tipping competitions in 2015

    But if any other Rocker wishes to run any comps in 2015, please feel free to contribute.
    2013 Minor Premiers Rocker Horse Tipping Comp.

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    Hi Greg I am not in any myself due to the nature of my work and not having time to post tips or change teams. When I was in some of these dream team and tipping comps I found it so time consuming. What convinced me was when the League introduced games on Thursday night even before Big League went on the newsstands. I am quite often rostered to work on Friday night one of the 2 busiest nights so I am stuffed when I get home. Sorry I have not been to the site for a couple of months.

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    Yes Geoff, I work permanent Afternoon shift and miss Both Fridays and Monday night games.

    If you try and run too many things I understand not being able to control too many. So next time keep it simple and just have one of each.
    2013 Minor Premiers Rocker Horse Tipping Comp.

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    So it has almost been 3 weeks since having the Cancer ridden prostrate removed.

    Another 3 weeks to have blood test to see what my PSA count is.

    I feel ready to return to work on Monday 25th May 2015. (4 Weeks off)

    So all systems are a go !
    2013 Minor Premiers Rocker Horse Tipping Comp.

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    good luck on the return to work ya bugger

    im glad the no paying resident was removed

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